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Did you know that a dog’s tail wagging to the right means something different from wagging to the left? While you can’t speak “dog,” you can use their body language to get an insight into what a dog is feeling, and to know whether you should approach or give them some space. A tail is a really useful communication device for dogs, and you can learn what your dog is trying to tell you by their tail position.

Keep in mind, though, that every dog is different, and these are general descriptions of what each tail position means. Your dog may have a different meaning for their tail tales.


Your Dog’s Tail Translated Info Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Dogs use many forms of body language to communicate with us and other animals, not just their tails. Their eyes, face and ears can express different feelings, and so can their body position and even their hair. So it’s worth paying attention to your dog’s body language — you might just see what they’re trying to tell you.


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