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One minute your cup of water is on the table. Then you blink and your favorite feline has knocked it onto the floor. Later that night you’re peacefully asleep. Then at 3 a.m. your furry companion is bored and making a ruckus. The next day Mittens is enjoying your company, all calm, cool and collected. Ten minutes later she’s a Nervous Nellie when a group of friends arrives.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If so, you might be interested in clicker training with your cat.

Clicker training stimulates a cat’s mind and body, helping keep them healthy. A mentally stimulated cat is less likely to misbehave out of boredom. Yup, your days of knocked-over cups or disrupted sleep could be solved with the click of a button. Plus, training can help further build your bond with Mittens, which has proven to reduce their anxiety or their aggression with others.

Follow these tips to get started on your clicker training journey!

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Additional Advice

Despite popular belief, cats are quite trainable. However, it will take some time to train them to obey each command you introduce. Training sessions will likely keep your cat’s attention for only a few minutes.

After your cat learns the basics, you can go on to teach them how to fetch, jump through a hoop, feel more comfortable with their carrier, and so on.

The possibilities are endless for you and your furry friend!


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