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Basset Hound Standing in Grass Field Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Behind the Breed: The Noble Basset Hound

September 29, 2022

Arguably no breed of dog cuts a more distinctive profile than the basset hound. Their short stature and long ears are as identifiable as it gets. The breed name is also descriptive. “Basset,” is derived from the French word “bas,” which means “low” (as in “to the ground”), and “hound” conveys that their sense of …

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Golden Retriever with Background Blurred Out Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Behind the Breed: Golden Retrievers

August 25, 2022

One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States for decades, golden retrievers have a rich history that originates in the Scottish Highlands. The golden retriever is a highly adaptable and all-around sporting dog known for their affectionate temperaments and luxurious golden coats. In the late 19th century, Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who later …

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Three Welsh Corgis in Front of Bushes Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Behind the Breed: Welsh Corgi

July 21, 2022

Queen Elizabeth of Britain’s love of Welsh corgis has helped make the breeds very popular all over the world. For owners of the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgi breeds, a good amount of time is spent explaining the subtle differences between the two, which are distinguished by their tails — or lack thereof. Pembroke and …

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Doberman Pinscher Profile Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Behind the Breed: Doberman Pinscher

June 23, 2022

The clean lines and sleek look of the Doberman pinscher are aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time incredibly imposing. Described as watchful, energetic, determined, loyal and obedient, the Doberman’s alert ears and aerodynamic outline make them instantly recognizable. As a member of the working group, Dobermans are uniquely equipped for a variety of jobs. …

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Bullmastiff Sitting in Field Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Behind the Breed: Bullmastiffs

May 19, 2022

Fearless and imposing, the bullmastiff is a working dog with a purpose. This large, imposing breed was developed by 19th-century hunters to guard and protect game on English estates. Poaching on estates was an extensive problem, so gamekeepers crossed English mastiffs with the now-extinct Olde English bulldog to create a guard dog that would protect …

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Beagle Surveying an Autumn Field Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Dogs at Work: Beagles

April 21, 2022

Known for their soft expressions, noisy baying and fiercely acute noses, beagles are loved by multitudes around the world. Distant cousins to foxhounds and harriers, these hardworking scenthounds often have naughty streaks, yet, with the right coaching and enough training, are extremely loyal to their packs — whether hunting rabbits and other small game or …

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Boxer Standing Next to a River Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Dogs at Work: Boxers

March 31, 2022

Known as lovable, affectionate, intelligent, and sometimes goofy, Boxers are bright and possess a good work ethic. Their alert expression and athletic frame allows them to move smoothly and gracefully, just like the athletes whose occupation they share their name with, and—just like Muhammed Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard—they defend their families and their titles …

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Dogs at Work: High-Energy Hunters, Fierce Companions Text Graphic | Taste of the Wild

Dogs at Work: The High-Velocity Vizsla Hunting Drive

February 24, 2022

Vizslas are fierce hunting companions with roots at least a millennium deep. Marauding Magyar warriors from Russia rode on horseback across Western Europe in the 800s, with their powerful, copper-colored dogs leaping beside them. The conquerors eventually settled in Hungary, where they became herdsmen and hunters. Stone carvings in the Carpathian Mountains, estimated to be …

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A Great Pyrenees Lying Down Outside | Taste of the Wild

Great Pyrenees: Fearless Guardians of Sheep on High

January 27, 2022

Named for the mountains that form the border between France and Spain, Great Pyrenees were bred to work beside shepherds and their flocks. They didn’t actually drive the sheep (other herding dogs were responsible for that); instead, they served as guard dogs, protecting the flock from wolves, bears and sheep rustlers. The massive white dogs …

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Samoyed Walking on Snow | Taste of the Wild

Dogs at Work: Samoyeds Kept the Cold and Wolves at Bay

December 30, 2021

According to legend, the phrase “three dog night” describes a night so frigid that early hunter-gatherer people needed three dogs to sleep with them to stave off the cold. Although where the phrase originated is unclear, it could very easily have originated with the semi-nomadic Samoyed people of Siberia and their namesake Samoyed dogs. In …

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