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Microchip to Avoid a Major Loss

July 2, 2020

All it takes is a split second: Your dog bolts out the door, your cat slips through an open window, or your pet dashes away from a campsite at the first crack of fireworks. Once they’re gone, what can you do? As part of Lost Pet Prevention Month, we’ll share how microchipping pets and other …

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Simple Pet Health Care You Can Do at Home

June 11, 2020

We know you probably love your veterinarian. But sometimes the pet doctor isn’t a possibility for non-emergency care. And who doesn’t like to save a buck on pet-related expenses? While there are plenty of procedures that are best left to the professionals, some simple pet care tasks can be done safely on your own, at …

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Should My Pet’s Diet Change for the Summer?

May 21, 2020

Many pets, like their owners, are more active in the summer. Especially those who tend to hibernate during the snowier months. Simple logic might tell you that more activity means your pet needs more calories. So, should you switch to a summer pet diet? In most cases, it’s not necessary. Seasonal appetite changes Ever notice …

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When Should My Pet Get an Eye Exam?

May 14, 2020

You trim your pet’s nails. You brush their coat. You might even scrub their teeth. But how do you care for your pet’s eyesight? Would you know if they were having vision problems? And how, exactly, does your veterinarian check your pet’s eyes? Just as you might examine your pet’s skin periodically for lumps or …

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Cancer Signs: What to Watch for in Pets

May 7, 2020

If you’re lucky, you’ll never be faced with a diagnosis of cancer for a pet. But about 1 in 10 dogs and 1 in 5 cats will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. this year, according to the Animal Cancer Foundation. We’re sharing pet cancer signs to help you recognize when something may be …

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Should Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

April 28, 2020

The concept of dogs snoozing with their people isn’t exactly new. Indigenous people in Australia are said to have curled up with dingoes for warmth. The colder the temperature, the more dogs were snuggled. Thus the phrase “a three-dog night” was coined as a way to describe an exceedingly cold night. But we no longer …

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Simple Living: Life Lessons From Your Pets

April 21, 2020

Ah, the carefree life of a dog or cat. Naps in a sliver of sunlight. Meals served to you without having to lift a paw. Tummy rubs. No stressful job, unhappy relationship or unpaid bills. What’s not to love? If only your life could be less complicated. Well, maybe it can be! If we take …

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Does a working dog need carbs?

April 16, 2020

Is your dog considered a “high-energy” dog? Is he or she getting the energy they need from the food they consume? While some pet parents believe that a high-protein, moderate- to high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is ideal for all working and sporting dogs, that’s not always the case. If you have a canine athlete or service …

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It’s No Puzzle: Pets Love Working for Their Food

April 14, 2020

If we could be reincarnated, many of us would choose to return as a dog or cat. Why not? Snoozing on the couch all day…no nine-to-five job…regular belly rubs…no worries about where your next meal is coming from…what’s not to like? But this “idyllic” life is a far cry from that of our pets’ wild …

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