A dog lying on its owner's lap on a couch next to text that reads, ‘Maybe you are the best gift of all’.

The holidays are fun for human and dog alike (usually). But as anyone who has been on trash duty the day after the fun is over knows, they can also be pretty wasteful. So much plastic, non-recyclable wrapping paper and other landfilling refuse piles up. What’s an environmentally friendly dog owner to do? Come up with some sustainable gifts for dogs, of course.

What Exactly Is a Sustainable Dog Gift?

“Sustainability” is a pretty broad term, but for our purposes, we’re focusing on the environmentally friendly aspect. Sustainable dog products largely don’t produce more waste. They’re fully recyclable, made with organic materials or free from dangerous chemicals and plastics. Luckily for pet parents, dogs don’t require much to be happy. That doesn’t stop us from lavishing them with gifts, though. On that note, here are a few dog-friendly sustainable gift ideas for you.

Recycled Dog Leashes

There are a number of eco-friendly, organic or sustainable dog leashes out there. Cycle Dog Leashes are made from recycled plastic bottles right here in the USA, and as an added bonus, the clasp doubles as a bottle opener. Admittedly, that last feature is more for the dog parent than the dog, but any excuse to buy a new leash is an excuse for…

More Walks is More Sustainable

Getting out into the fresh air more often is a gift that any dog will love, and the benefits are plentiful for you, your dog and the environment. Obviously, exercise is good for both of you. More walks mean more time together, which is likely the thing your dog wants most of all. But it’s also an opportunity for more social interaction and training. And it doesn’t cost you or the environment a single thing!

A Dog Bed Made with Love

These MollyMutt dog beds are essentially mattress covers with “stuff-sacks” that you can fill with your own materials. Which means that instead of tossing your old towels, T-shirts or other clothes-like objects in the trash, you can give them a good wash and literally make your dog’s bed out of them. You cut down on the trash pile, make some space in your closets and your dog gets to sleep on something that was close to his or her favorite person. Even after washing, your dog can smell whose concert shirt that was, after all.

Make a Donation in Your Dog’s Honor

Rather than waste wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, whatever packaging the toy came in, etc., consider making a monetary donation to a local animal shelter. Many shelters put photos of the “donors” up on their wall, so your dog could be a minor local celebrity, which is certainly good for some extra head pats from strangers. If your shelter prefers donations of food or other supplies, maybe your dog would enjoy a trip to the pet store to help pick out a few items. Sustainable and eco-friendly, of course.

Extra “You” Time Is the Most Sustainable Dog Gift of All

Your dog wants nothing more than to spend time with you, which makes YOU the best gift of all. Make an extra effort for more snuggle time this holiday season and beyond. More couch time, more playtime, more walk time….more you time will make both of you happy, and maybe even a little healthier. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?




The information in this blog has been developed with our veterinarian and is designed to help educate pet parents. If you have questions or concerns about your pet's health or nutrition, please talk with your veterinarian.