A cat looking up with a pensive expression on its face.

What if your pet could make a New Year’s resolution? Who says they can’t? We polled some of our favorite dogs and cats only to find that they do, in fact have big plans for 2022. Here’s just a sampling of the pet resolutions we found:

Explore my family tree (Sasha, a Siamese cat). In the wee small hours of the night, when there are no distractions, I will loudly sing the song of my ancestors for all to enjoy.

Travel more (Trixie, a Boston terrier). I will make the most of that secret hole in the backyard fence so I can nab hot dogs from the neighbor’s grill, join a jogger and meet new people at the local café.

Practice gratitude (Jimmy, an orange tomcat). As often as possible, I will prowl the dark recesses of my abode at night so I can lay the gift of a mouse or a centipede with all the legs licked off on my mom’s pillow.

Work out more (Finn, a golden retriever). We all need more exercise. So, when my dad throws the ball, I will fetch it, zigzag back and forth and dash in circles, but never, ever give it back.

Unplug from technology (Quinn, a Maine coon). I will ignore all those fancy gadgets my mom bought me, including the windup mouse, the laser pointer and the camera that allows her to talk to me remotely, and focus all my attention on a plain brown paper grocery bag.

Let go of grudges (Libby, a calico cat). I wasted too much time last year chirping and chattering at the birds outside my window. This year I will turn a blind eye to their taunting at the bird feeder and simply nap more.  

Help others less fortunate than me (Zuzu, a Weimaraner).  It’s a shame my pet parents can’t experience my high-fidelity sense of smell, with 300 million finely tuned olfactory receptors. To help them out, I will roll in something putrid and enter the house pulsating with the aroma.

Start a new hobby (Linus, a Persian cat). It’s not enough for me to give myself a full-body tongue bath. This year, I will lick my mom’s eyelids while she’s sleeping. I will clean the stupid dog’s ears. And I will lick my dad’s toothbrush when he isn’t looking.

Practice random acts of kindness (all pets we interviewed). Every day, I will snuggle as close to my pet parents as I can, close enough so they can feel my heartbeat, and know I am always, always here for them.

What kind of resolution will your pet make this year?

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