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Winter Cat Safety: Keeping Your Tabby Toasty

January 3, 2019

Pet cats have the right idea about winter. You’ll never find them shoveling or scraping ice off a windshield. They’re more likely to be inside, basking in a sliver of sunshine. Or curled under your down comforter. Which raises the question: What else can you do to make your kitty feel cozy during the cold …

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The 2019 Resolutions Your Pets Wish You’d Make

December 20, 2018

Sure, you can resolve to eat less pasta and stop checking your cell phone every 5 minutes. But do you really have that much self-restraint? Instead of getting that gym membership, why not resolve to make some positive changes in your pet’s life? If you’re not sure what pet resolutions to make, your dog and …

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Step Right Up: It’s Circus Dogs

December 13, 2018

In its time, few things offered more entertainment in one place than the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Within three different rings, you could marvel at sword swallowers, trapeze artists, contortionists and strongmen. In addition to human entertainers, the circus showed off animal acts, enlisting animals with special talents. In fact, the circus employed a menagerie …

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Why We’re Thankful for Pets

November 22, 2018

We’re thankful for their snuggles. We’re thankful for their love. We’re thankful for the simple sound of a tail thumping the floor. As pet lovers and owners, we’re always thankful for our pets and the comfort and joy they bring to our lives, though we sometimes take it for granted. So there’s no better time …

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Home Is Where the Pet Is, Especially for Millennials

November 15, 2018

Curb appeal and proximity to good schools used to top the list for house hunters. But things have changed as a newer generation takes control of the housing market. For many millennials who are first-time home buyers, the must-have priorities now include fenced-in yards, built-in cat-climbing trees and close proximity to dog parks. Millennials and …

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