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A Taste of the Wild Guide to Pet Anxiety and Stress

November 17, 2022

There aren’t many issues that are more upsetting to pet owners than pet anxiety, especially when it comes to anxious dogs. An anxious dog can lead to destructive behavior, health conditions or repetitive or compulsive behaviors that can have major ramifications on your pet’s life. Types of Anxiety A dog’s anxiety or stress can come …

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How to De-Stress the Holidays for Your Cat

November 10, 2022

The holidays are coming, and celebration with loved ones is always on the to-do list. But our time of cheer and merriment also brings about some change to your feline’s routine and habits, and that can be stressful on a kitty! They might not outwardly show it, but cats are sensitive beings who are affected …

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Behind the Breed: Dachshund

November 3, 2022

Known comically as “wiener” or “sausage dogs,” dachshunds’ low-to-the-ground silhouettes house big and fierce personalities — many owners will tell you that these lovable dogs don’t know they are short. Dachshunds originated in Germany, and they were bred to chase and flush out badgers and other ground dwellers (the name literally means “badger dog”). Members …

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Behind the Breed: Saint Bernards

October 27, 2022

Known for their imposing bulk but lovable personalities, Saint Bernards are also celebrated for daring tales of harrowing rescues in the Alpine mountains. With such an interesting background, it’s no wonder Saint Bernards are regularly put on the silver screen. These massive and massively drooly dogs originated in the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. …

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The Building Blocks of Your Puppy’s Diet

October 20, 2022

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a phrase many of us heard growing up. It was our loved ones’ way of saying we needed the right nutrition as our bodies were growing and developing. The same holds true for puppies. Building the right nutrition into their diets now set them up for …

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Can My Dog Eat That? Pumpkin

October 6, 2022

Welcome to “Can My Dog Eat That?,” our new series that answers some obvious (and not-so-obvious) questions about what your dog can and can’t safely eat. Read on! It’s the spookiest month of the year! And while our festive orange gourds can be a year-round delicacy for pups, there’s no better time to ask the …

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Behind the Breed: The Noble Basset Hound

September 29, 2022

Arguably no breed of dog cuts a more distinctive profile than the basset hound. Their short stature and long ears are as identifiable as it gets. The breed name is also descriptive. “Basset,” is derived from the French word “bas,” which means “low” (as in “to the ground”), and “hound” conveys that their sense of …

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How to Train Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash

September 22, 2022

You’ve brought your puppy home, which means it’s not too early to start going on walks. Which also means that leash training is essential! It’s an exciting adventure that you’re about to embark on with your new pup. Training your puppy to walk on a leash won’t be quite as easy as simply picking up …

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