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Does My Dog Need Another Dog?

September 30, 2021

Do you ever worry that your dog might be lonely for some canine companionship? Maybe you can’t spend as much time at home as you did before. Or perhaps you’ve recently lost an older dog. How do you know if your current dog would really love or really hate another pooch in the house? First, …

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Why Do Cats Need to Knead?

August 12, 2021

For some cats, kneading seems like the pinnacle of Zen contentment. They close their eyes and rhythmically press one paw, then the other, often extending and releasing their nails at the same time. In this meditative state, they may drool slightly or rev up their purring engine to the loudest setting. But what’s behind this …

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Pack Your Beach Towel and Your Best Friend, Too

June 10, 2021

Whether you’re boating, swimming, dock diving or just sailing a Frisbee on the beach, chances are, your dog wants to share in the fun. And why not? With a few precautions to help keep your dog safe, everyone can get their paws wet at the beach: Check the water conditions — When your dog plunges …

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Road Trip! RV Life with Pets

March 18, 2021

Some people travel with garden gnomes, posting photos at famous landmarks. But we’re guessing snapshots of your dog or cat in front of an alien spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico, would garner a lot more attention. Isn’t it time to indulge your pent-up wanderlust, load up the recreational vehicle with pets, then hit the road? …

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6 Tips to Stop Your Pet’s Begging

November 24, 2020

Big holiday dinners have enough stress without your pet staging theatrics under the table. You know the schtick: the forlorn, puppy-dog eyes. The whimper. The fidgety tap-dance with the front paws. A pool of drool on the floor for good measure. The barking. And when all else fails, the futile attempt to paw a bowl …

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