My 3 year old barn cat had always been thin, but this summer he was just bony. I was afraid he wouldn’t survive the winter. I had tried a variety of cat foods, and nothing made any difference. Then he started losing clumps of hair! I learned this could be a sign of food allergies, so I searched and searched for a cat food made without grains and finally found Taste of the Wild. Within a week, he was noticeably gaining weight. Within a month, he was at a normal weight, had a lustrous coat, and was acting like a playful kitten again! Months later now, he is still looking fabulous! I will never feed any other cat food. By the way, he seems to eat less of this food than the others; one bag of Taste of the Wild lasts quite a bit longer than a bag of other cat foods…

– Amanda, Madison OH

Product(s) I am currently feeding my pet:  High Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison

I’ve had my two dogs on the High Prairie Taste of the Wild for about two months now.  One of my dogs is a terrier mix and the other is a german spitz corgi mix.  I have seen an amazing improvement in both of them.  The terrier’s coat softened and became so shiny it looks like it has been polished.  The german spitz corgi mix had digestive issues when I adopted him.  His coat was terrible and dull.  Now his coat has some shine to it, and he has not had any adverse stomach issues with this food at all.  I recommend it to everyone I know with dogs.

– Caleb, Kansas City MO

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Rocky Mountain Feline Formula I have three cats, all different ages with differing dietary needs. One of cats in particular has overly sensitive GI tract and easily gets diarrhea. Another one is over weight and would eat like a hog. I have tried numerous different cat food brands over the years, including very expensive “vet only” formulas. Your product beats all. When using other dry cat food, my cats were always hungry. When I first gave them Taste of the Wild, they went after it like raw meat. After a day or so they were all satisfied and now self regulate. Even the fat one eats less and has lost weight. You have the best product out there, bar none. Don’t change it. And I appreciate that it is reasonably priced. Thanks

– Chris, Ashland OR

My daughter took in an older stray cat with hyperthyroidism that was in pretty sad shape. He was put on medication and a special diet but was constantly having stomach upset with constipation followed by diarrhea. He was sick at least once a week. I found your feline formula at my local pet supply and after reading the information on the package I purchased a small bag and gave it to my daughter. That was about three months ago, and the cat has really improved since starting your formula! He loves the food and the stomach problems are gone. I was so impressed that I started feeding my cats at home the same product. I have 12 indoor cats and I’m a caretaker for 2 more outdoors. Your product is great and I have been telling all my cat owning friends to try a bag for their pets. I believe feeding your product is superior to others I have tried, and the cost is reasonable since I’m paying for protein instead of corn meal. Thank you for a great product!

– Debbie, Willow Springs IL

Hi, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful cat food! My cat loves the food! Before I switched from another brand, he was throwing up a lot and his litter box smelled horrible! Someone at our local pet store suggested your product… I’m so glad to have switched to a no-grain diet for my cat. Now, he never throws up- NEVER! Plus, he is very energetic and full of life. Also, thanks for being affordable! Thanks!

– Emily, Minneapolis MN

I LOVE your product!!  Thank you so much for making a great dog food with quality ingredients.  Our dog has horrible allergies, and your food has solved our itchy dog problem.  Thank you.

– Erin, Salisbury MD

I have three dogs: a puppy, a three year old, and a twelve year old. My twelve year old’s health had been declining – he was swollen and had mouth sores. After switching to your product, his health has returned tenfold. It is wonderful to see him playing with the younger dogs and enjoying his golden years. Thank you Taste of the Wild!

– Grace, Taft CA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Pacific Stream Canine

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making a great product. My 10 yr old Lab has always suffered from allergies(even more since we relocated to FL) A pet store owner recommended your product, so I thought I would give it a try. My dog loves the taste, she is scratching less, and her coat is beautiful and shiny! From now on Taste of the Wild is the only dog food I will buy.

– Julie, Citrus Springs FL

Our toy fox terrier may be five years old, but she acts like a puppy after feeding her TOTW for two months. She had ear, skin and allergy problems before starting the Pacific Stream Canine formula. All of those conditions are gone now. I even recommended your products to our vet… Thanks so much for making an awesome variety of pet foods at a price most can afford.

– Kara, Terre Haute IN

My family adopted a cat a few months ago and as nutrition is very important to us, we thought we should look for something better than “standard” cat food for our new pet. We’ve been very pleased with your dry cat food and have recommended it to several friends with cats. Thank you for your products!

– Kay, Whitefish Bay WI

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon

I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with your product.  I have 2 “manx” kittens.  One has been on your product his whole life…in fact his mother ate it when she was pregnant with him. The other kitten came to me small and scruffy looking.  Both kittens, now 7 and 8 months old, look great.  Wonderful coats and the smaller kitten has turned into a stunning cat.  I find that your product actually costs me less than other products.

Again thanks for a great product.

– Michelle, Cromwell OK

Thank you for the wonderful product. My dog has had so many skin problems, large bumps that look like warts. I know her immune system was screwed up a few years ago when she had a large tooth pulled that was broken. Your product has made my beloved dog happy, beautifully healthy, with a rich, black, sleek coat once again. I know she cannot handle any grain in her diet. I tried many many different “grain free” dog foods and spent a lot of money.  She refused to eat most products I tried, but she absolutely loves your product. About 3 months ago I noticed the Taste of the Wild food in my local pet store. I decided to try it and within 3 months all the bumps that were on my dog’s body were gone!!! She’s now 7 yrs old, the best dog I have ever had, and now she’s comfortable and not itching and biting at herself all the time. Once again, thank you so much.

– Nola, Sheboygan WI

We have been raising two kittens on Rocky Mountain Feline formula. Neither was in good health when we got them. They have blossomed into fantastic healthy kittens, and they are so active. Their eyes never miss anything. Their coats are silky soft, they don’t have any shedding issues, and no hairballs either. This food is the absolute best, and my cats will eat every morsal even the ones they drop on the floor! I will never feed anything else to my cats ever again. Thank you so much for making a fantastic product!

– Patrick and Tina, Kansas

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon

We call your Pacific Stream with Salmon dog food our “MIRACLE” food.  My 12 year old Golden Retriever used to go to the dog park with our other two dogs and lay down and watch; her coat was falling out and she wasn’t doing well.  We even talked about putting her down as she wasn’t feeling well.  A woman at a pet grooming shop in Corona told us to try it and it has truly been a miracle.  Her coat is shiny, she has so much energy she might have to go to the large dog park instead of with my little dogs.  Everyone has noticed what a huge difference it has made in her coat and her energy.  She is running around like a two year old!!  Everyone who knows Goldie has noticed the huge changes, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  Your food has created a MIRACLE!!

– Susan, Tustin CA

We just wanted to write to you and express our excitement and gratitude for such a wonderful product. Our 5 year old Westie was on a dry prescription diet (allergen-free) to help with the many grain and food allergies that he has, but it only seemed to mask the problem. He’s been on the Pacific Stream formula for about 6 weeks now and his life has changed! He not only looks more healthy, but we can see it in his attitude. His coat is shiny white, his tongue is a bright pink and he has a sparkle in his eye! And his energy level has increased tremendously. We noticed the change even after the first week. He no longer has the urge to scratch and bite at his legs and belly. That’s as much a relief to him as it is to us! Thanks again for a great product–well done!!!

– Tim, Attleboro MA