Cat Being Petted Near Christmas Gifts | Taste of the Wild

How do you choose a gift that won’t go straight to the regifting pile? If you have a cat lover on your list, it’s easy: find a gift that appeals to their feline fixation. As part of National Cat Lovers’ Month, we’re helping you out with some purr-fire gift ideas for the cat fanciers among us.

Real cat lovers can communicate their affection to the world without saying a word. Help your fashion-forward friends wear their heart on their faces with these adorable cat face masks. Choose from six cat styles, from the British shorthair to the Siamese. For safety, masks are available with optional carbon filter inserts.

What cat can resist climbing inside paper bags, cardboard boxes and laundry baskets? Make the most of their nesting instincts with these adorable, hand-felted cat caves. Made from 100 percent natural organic materials, the products handcrafted in Nepal, where the company pays artisans twice the average wage.

Now that mid century modern is all the rage, why not indulge your friend with an artist-designed atomic cats shower curtain? It certainly gives them a reason to stay in the shower while they belt out all their favorite Cats showtunes.

Here’s a cat toy that keeps humans entertained, too. The self-moving fish cat toy flip-flops like a lunker that was just landed, to the delight of cats who love fish and thigs that move. The toy is USB rechargeable and made with durable cotton so it’s tough enough to take on kitty teeth and nails.

Do you know a cat lover who’s always clicking away with her knitting needles? What could be more perfect than having yarn spun from their own cat’s hair? If you’re lucky, you might receive a scarf knitted from cat hair on the next holiday.

The fog may come in on little cat feet, as the famous poem goes, but cat lovers can do the same. These soft and comfortable 3D cat paw socks will get everyone’s attention when the owner pads into the room.

For the cat lover who has everything, there’s the Cool Cedar Cat Cottage which can be custom-made to the owner’s specifications. The insulated interior includes lounging ledges and plexiglass windows for the cat’s entertainment. There’s even optional air conditioning for cat owners in warmer climates.

Who knew toilet paper would be such a hot item for 2020? Give your friend the ideal accessory with the feline toilet paper holder. Each cast iron cat can hold two rolls of toilet paper or one roll of paper towels.

Indoor cats don’t have to be couch potatoes. With the cat exercise wheel, felines can relieve stress while keeping fit and trim over the long winter months. They may even give the resident gerbil a run for the money.

People never tire of dressing up their pets, and cat owners are no exception. Appeal to the wild cat inside every feline with this lion mane costume. Available in different sizes, the pull-on cap features a full, furry mane and plush ears.

Indulge every cat’s two favorite activities: climbing and sleeping. This four-piece wall-mountable cat perch gives cats plenty of room to climb, stretch before they curl up to judge the humans in the room from up high, or simply take a nap.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to donate to a feline cause in your friend’s name. The Winn Feline Foundation, for example, is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to supporting research and education to advance cat health and welfare. You can also find animal rescues and shelters near you, which continue to help cats even when most fundraising events have been cancelled during the pandemic.

The information in this blog has been developed with our veterinarian and is designed to help educate pet parents. If you have questions or concerns about your pet's health or nutrition, please talk with your veterinarian.