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Ancient Grains in Pet Food: Focus on Sorghum

January 2, 2020

In the last few years, few pet food ingredients have been as misunderstood as grains. Some folks wondered if grains were necessary at all, or suspected they could have a negative impact on pet health. But as it turns out, grains such as corn, rice, barley, oats — and sorghum — can play a significant …

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If Dogs Could Talk: Teaching Dogs to Speak

December 19, 2019

No doubt, you and your dog already communicate in a nonverbal way (although full-on conversations with your pet aren’t unheard of, even if they are a bit one-sided). For instance, he or she has a way of letting you know when a trip outside is needed, when the food or water bowl needs filling and …

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Dogs at Work: Keeping Airport Runways Safe

December 12, 2019

It was a flock of Canadian geese that led to the infamous landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River off Manhattan. The mid-air bird strike caused the plane to lose power in both engines, requiring Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger to deftly maneuver the aircraft into a safe water landing. That’s why it …

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Holiday Survival Tactics for Anxious Pets

December 5, 2019

‘Tis the season when your typically calm household is transformed into a carnival of twinkling lights, choruses of “O Tannenbaum” and scents of baking gingersnaps, not to mention the onslaught of relatives from near and far. That includes Uncle George, who will undoubtedly slip your pet barbecued wienies under the table again this year. While …

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Planning for Your Pet’s Future Without You

November 28, 2019

No one wants to think about saying goodbye to a dog or cat who’s been your friend for years. What’s even harder to imagine is if you go before your pet does. But anything can happen, and we’re all one mishap away from potentially leaving our pet waiting at home for us to return. Since …

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Behind the Bags: A Chat With Kevin Ritchie

November 21, 2019

One of our favorite things about introducing a new Taste of the Wild recipe, whether it’s a new entry into the original lineup or a whole new line like Taste of the Wild PREY® or our brand new Taste of the Wild® with Ancient Grains recipes, is that we get to see new packaging. Offering …

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Dogs at Work: Surfing Dogs

November 14, 2019

You’ve witnessed dogs on skateboards. Dogs diving off docks. And dogs racing through obstacle courses. But dogs on surfboards? It’s true. In states like California and Hawaii, dogs have been cresting the waves on surfboards, either alone or with a human, for almost a century. But the first official dog surfing competition didn’t happen until …

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Evolution Makes Puppy Dog Eyes So Irresistible

October 31, 2019

Every dog owner knows the look: wide brown eyes rimmed with a bit of white, eyebrows slightly raised. It’s the look that says, “Can you share that little morsel of cheese with me?” Or “Can I please come snuggle on the couch with you?” And no matter how many times you’ve vowed not to let …

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