A single egg lying on a wooden table cut in half, showing the yolk.

Welcome to “Can My Dog Eat That?,” our new series that answers some obvious (and not-so-obvious) questions about what your dog can and can’t safely eat. Read on!

It’s no yolk — dogs can eat eggs! They need some kitchen prep first (i.e., cooking), but eggs can be a nutritious snack for most dogs.

A Nutrient-Filled Treat

Eggs are high in protein and are often included in pet food as a protein ingredient. They’re also a good source of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Technically, dogs can also eat eggshells, which are high in calcium, but it’s probably not a good idea since the shell can have sharp edges. Like any new food, check with your veterinarian that eggs are OK to feed to your dog.

The high protein content of eggs can potentially stack the pounds on your dog if they eat too many, so ask your veterinarian how often to feed eggs to your dog. Chicken eggs are also a relatively common food allergen for dogs, so start with one and make sure your dog can tolerate it before feeding them regularly.

The Problem with Raw Eggs

Raw eggs, like raw meat, carry a risk of contamination from Salmonella (or other bacteria), which can cause food poisoning. Symptoms from Salmonella infection (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea) are not common in dogs, but can occur if your dog has another infection or health condition at the same time. Also, Salmonella can be a problem for people, and infected dogs can shed the bacteria, which puts other animals and people in your home at risk. So, to avoid the chance of your dog (or you) falling ill from Salmonella, it’s best to cook eggs to 160 °F before eating them.

How Do You Want Your Egg?

As long as the egg is cooked, you can serve it to your dog any way they like. What would be their favorite? Sunny-side up on top of some kibble? A hard-boiled egg gone in a few chomps? Scrambled (without seasoning) for breakfast with the family? So many choices! If your dog can tolerate eggs, then foods with egg as an ingredient are also OK, as long as the egg is cooked and the other ingredients are dog-safe, too. So eggnog is definitely off the list!


Eggs are great eggsample of a nutritious treat most dogs will love. Just make sure you cook them first.


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