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10 Things to Do When Your Pet Goes Missing on Vacation

July 11, 2019

What better traveling companion than a dog? They won’t complain about the accommodations, even if it’s a leaky tent. They’re happy to do anything you suggest, whether it’s hiking, swimming or just wandering the city. And they’re not fussy about where they eat. Even so, dogs have been known to wander away from campsites in …

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You Have Options Before Giving Your Cat Up for Adoption

June 7, 2018

Cat ownership can be like marriage: It’s designed to be a lifelong commitment. But sometimes family allergies, landlord rules, litter box issues or other unforeseen problems can make the best plans go awry. Sometimes, cat owners may feel as if they only have one heart-wrenching option: to rehome a beloved cat. But don’t resort to …

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The Revealing Science Behind Pet Adoption Choices

December 7, 2017

When choosing a pet to adopt, what makes you more drawn to one dog or cat over another? Obviously, you may have a preference for certain breeds, coats or activity levels. But what else influences our adoption choices? It probably comes as no surprise that puppies and kittens have a better chance of finding a …

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Active Dogs for Active Owners

August 3, 2017

Is your garage packed with kayaks, running shoes, bicycles and other signs of an active lifestyle? Want a dog who likes to keep moving as much as you do? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven breeds that have the energy to keep up with your go-go-go life. Labrador Retriever This active …

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Why Mutts? Why Not?

July 28, 2016

Purveyors of designer dogs recently discovered what mutt owners have known all along: Amazing things happen when you mix things up. Although breeders can command large sums for crossbred dogs such as labradoodles, puggles, schnoodles (schnauzer and poodle) and chugs (Chihuahua and pug), mutts really aren’t that different — their genetic decks are just shuffled …

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